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Indians Monday News & Notes: Ramsey and Gimenez excited to play for Tribe eventually and again

The young guns are poised and ready for a playoff run, and so is one of LGT's favorite recurring jokes

Anybody up for a "Ramesses" nickname?
Anybody up for a "Ramesses" nickname?

Happy Monday, Tribe fans. After taking two out of three against both Minnesota and Houston, the Indians are looking like they might maybe, sorta, kinda be attempting to almost make a run at something. Here's how things are shaping up for this week in baseball:

Yesterday's game: Indians 3, Astros 1

The Tribe offense did just enough to support Trevor Bauer's stellar six innings of shutout ball. The kids are keeping things afloat for now, so let's hope we can keep riding them to a bunch more of these mediocre, by-the-seat-of-the-pants victories.

Indians news & notes

Bauer bobs and weaves through six | - After a disastrous first inning in his previous start, Trevor Bauer pitched much more effectively yesterday thanks to his ability to get ahead of hitters (and some good defense).

Ramsey excited for opportunities in Cleveland | - James Ramsey was surprised to hear he was traded to the Indians for Justin Masterson, but not too surprised. It's hard for players to ignore clubhouse trade chatter. But Ramsey is excited for the opportunity to start in AAA and eventually advance to the bigs.

And to a lesser extent... | - Chris Gimenez is back. After dealing with some of the worst years of Indians baseball since the 80's, LGA(gain)T Gimenez was "shocked" to get a chance to be a backup, backup catcher in Cleveland again.

Francona gives Brantley some much-needed rest | - It's a good thing Terry Francona doesn't manage with his heart, or else Michael Brantley would have played yesterday.

Tidbits from around MLB

Girl power | Sports On Earth - Mo'ne Davis and Emma March (VANCOUVER REPRESENT) aren't the first girl phenoms in the Little League World Series. There's a long line of girl power.

Too early to call crowded MVP race | Fox Sports - Paul Goldschmidt, Troy Tulowitzki and Andrew McCutchen were on their way to possible MVPs but are now all injured. Ken Rosenthal cautions against anointing MVPs too early in the season and breaks down the best of the remaining candidates in both leagues.

Lincecum may be yanked from rotation | - In case you haven't noticed, Tim Lincecum sucks for the thirs year in a row. He may be replaced in the rotation with Yusmeiro Petit. Boy, Shart-o-nettie really dodged a bullet when Shaggy Rogers didn't sign here, eh?

Pedro Martinez begs for a new team in Montreal | CBS Sports - I'm all for it, if only so there's more than one team to watch highlights of up in Canada.

Cabrera day-to-day with "tightness" | Washington Post - Asdrubal Cabrera is already injured after his recent trade to Washington. I guess we're going to have to console ourselves with The Attach v2.0.

Ruben Amaro is shocked no one wants Papelbon | Hardball Talk - But no one at LGT is surprised, because Jonathan Papelbon is a total dick.