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Indians Friday News & Notes: Walters emerging as legit power threat

Attach v2.0 could lead the way, but others are going to need to step up

The ghost of Grady Sizemore lives on, but hopefully without his knees
The ghost of Grady Sizemore lives on, but hopefully without his knees
Adam Bettcher

After a series win against the lowly Twins, the Indians move on to a weekend series against the slightly less lowly as of late Astro. More on that and everything else under the baseball sun up next:

Yesterday's game: Twins 4, Indians 1

For the first time in a long time, Corey Kluber looked human. For the first time in a short time, the Indians offense looked sub-human. These things suck, and combined for an Indians loss in what should have been the last game of a sweep.

Indians news & notes

Gomes exits game with concussion-like symptoms | - In case you missed the LGT coverage on Yan Gomes' early exit, Bastian has a bit more, noting that he's due to be re-evaluated this morning. Also, apparently Terry Francona calls him "Gomer."

Walters swinging hard to reward Tribe's faith in him | - Zach Walters provided the only run in Thursday's loss via his fourth homer since joining the Indians. It would be nice if he could eventually provide some other hits in addition to the longball, but given a team that lacks power, this is fun to watch. Asked if he could hit a single, Walters simply responded:

I don't even know what that means.

Talking with sluggers helped Walters become one | - So how is it the Walters developed his sweet power stroke? Turn out he once had a 40-minute conversation with Miguel Cabrera, wherein Cabrera schooled him on becoming a power hitter. Let's hope Zach didn't pick up on Miggy's diet and drinking habits, too.

Sorting out Tribe's options at the plate | Waiting for Next Year - With many of last year's bench and role players (and some starters) hurt or otherwise ineffective, where can the Indians turn to find this year's Goon Squad? Hint: the answer involves the guy mentioned in the previous two items.

Urshela cracks the Fringe Five | Fangraphs - Giovanny Urshela has come a long way from unranked on BA's list of top prospects to smashing homers like a beast. GIF included.

Francona walking fine line with bullpen use | - Tito gives a bit of insight into his used of 476 relievers during the Twins series, laughing it off with a hearty chuckle.

Tidbits from around MLB