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Ryan Raburn placed on DL, Atchison Extension Observations (August 20 News and Notes)

I know, I know, I should have a more somber tone; you're all going to miss Raburn.

Ryan Raburn (right), attempts to play baseball.
Ryan Raburn (right), attempts to play baseball.
Jeff Gross

• ICYMI, the Indians signed right-handed reliever Scott Atchison to a $900K contract for 2015 with a team option for 2016. The 2015 team's average age just went up by 5.7 years. MLBTR points out that Atchison was eligible for arbitration after the season and $900K is less than he was projected to make this year in arbitration. Which takes me from "meh" to "good move, Antonetti."

Lonnie weighs in:

Ryan Raburn was placed on the disabled list yesterday. His replacement, Tyler Holt, arrived to the ballpark shortly before the first pitch and hit a two-run pinch hit double in the 6th. Holt receiving Raburn's playing time is something that should have happened weeks ago.

• In CastroTurf, Anthony Castrovince takes a look at where the Tribe currently finds itself.

• Gee/Kazmir: Last night's pitching matchup in Oakland

• Gee, Kazmir: The start of a sentence that ends "would look good in our rotation."

• The 2014 Indians defense finally figured out how to make an error while not playing:

• In the LGFT department, Matt McBride has returned to the Major Leagues.

• And Ubaldo Jimenez has been moved to the Orioles bullpen.