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Indians Tuesday News & Notes: Santana thrives at 1B while the Tribe looks to duplicate 2013's late run

All we need to do is win 20 games in a row, and we've got this

One. One is my favorite base.
One. One is my favorite base.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody loves a good off-day. Klubot has time to recharge his batteries, Bauer has time to write some rap music, Cookie has time to be a headcase, and you all have time to read this MLB news (except that yesterday was the off-day but whatever):

Indians news & notes

Indians in similar spot as in 2013 | - Zack Meisel takes a look at last year's Indians team as compared to this one, relative to the standings. Among the major differences are that last year's team was four games better and with a much bigger run differential.

Santana thriving at first base | - He was mediocre at catcher, he was a disaster at third base, but things are working out juuuuust right for Carlos Santana at first base. Even the advanced stats support El Oso's awesomeness at the less-than-hot corner.

The (de)evolution of the Indians rotation | It's Pronounced 'Lajaway' - A humorous take on the revolving door of disappointment that has been the Tribe rotation in 2014.

Cautious optimism about Cookie | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Speaking of the rotation, what should we make of Carlos Carrasco and his latest stint as a starter? Things are looking good so far, but will it last?

Tidbits from around MLB

Trout's other slump | Fangraphs - In an otherwise MVP-like season, Mike Trout is in the midst of his second prolonged slump at the plate. That's not the only place he's slumping, though, as he' been struggling on the basepaths.

Why you should root for the Royals | Sports On Earth - Most every other team likely to make the playoffs is hatable for one reason or another. I guess we all might as well root for the Royals.

Tigers fall victim to baseball's speed obsession | Hardball Talk - As the season reaches its climax, Detroit's trade of Doug Fister to the Nationals is still just as baffling as it was the day it happened. JoePos thinks it may have changed the face of MLB in 2014.

Maddon to Rays fans: root for us instead of Jeter | Fox Sports - Joe Maddon certainly isn't the only one who's tired of the never-ending Jeter lovefest.