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Indians Friday News & Notes: Assessing the mediocrity and hoping on the younsgters

It's not over until it's over. Or is it?

This feels almost as good as playing in Yankee Stadium!
This feels almost as good as playing in Yankee Stadium!
Jason Miller

The Indians kick off a three-game set against Baltimore tonight, and for what seems like the thousandth time this season, they'll look to Corey Kluber to get them back up over .500 There's a lot of work to do in a short time if this team wants to make a run for it. I'm curious about the general attitude on LGT, so I've attached a poll to this post. In the meantime, here's what's going on around baseball:

Indians news & notes

Indians inbox: shut Swisher down for 2014? | - In one of his periodic "inbox" posts, Jordan Bastian discusses Nick Swisher's never-ending battle with injuries and general suck this year. Swisher would be wise to look toward 2015, he argues. Read on for questions about Michael Brantley, Corey Kluber, and Zach Walters.

Why are the Indians stuck at .500? | - Terry Pluto ruminates on a season of mediocrity to assess how the Indians got to where they are today. Among the interesting notes is that only two of the Indians' Opening Day starters are in the same position now as they were then.

The Indians are the anti-Royals | Fangraphs - As the Royals challenge the Tigers for the division crown, Fangraphs looks at the atrocious D that places them amongst the worst teams in the past decade.

Ramsey easing into AAA nicely | - The Indians move recent prospect acquisition James Ramsey to AAA as soon as he joined the organization. Ramsey is rewarding the Indians' faith in him by continuing to rake.

The kids are alright | - Hoynsie notes that the Indians are impressed with early returns on Tyler Holt and Zach Walters. Holt, in particular, showed real grit and determination by living his dream playing in Yankee Stadium.

Injuries give young players a chance to shine | Did the Tribe Win Last Night? - Picking up where Hoynsie left off, DTTWLN's Laurel Wilder looks at what Walters and Holt can mean for a 2014 Tribe to riddled by injuries and suck.

Reliving yesteryear with Doug Jones | Waiting for Next Year - Closers are supposed to be intimidating, intense - just a bit "off" in several ways. Doug Jones was none of those things, but still starred on 80's Indians teams desperate for gusy to root for.

Tidbits from around MLB

Selig gets his man in final triumph | NBC Sports - ICYMI, Rob Manfred was voted in as MLB's next commissioner. Manfred is essentially Bud Selig's hand-picked successor. In choosing Manfred, MLB owners voted for a continuation of Selig's approach and ideals.

A wishlist for Rob Manfred | CBS Sport - Matt Snyder highlights what he wants most from Manfred's reign, including more strict enforcement of time in between pitches.

The importance of the "good" miss | Fangraphs - Even when a good pitcher misses his spot, the pitch can still be effective if he misses in the right place. Fangraphs looks at Chris Sale for example.

Rockies plan for worst with Tulo | Sports on Earth - After his latest injury, the Rockies can no longer count on Troy Tulowitzki being healthy. This year marks his fifth in the last seven wherein he's failed to play more than 130 games. The Rockies should plan for the worst.

Ten amazing fan catches | Sports on Earth - These fans demonstrate ONE WEIRD TRICK for success. Grounds crews and ball boys HATE them. #6 will BLOW YOUR MIND.