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Did the Indians do the right thing by trading Justin Masterson?

Were the Indians right to trade Masterson? Did they get the right kind of return for him?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It's been almost 48 hours since the Indians traded away former ace Justin Masterson, getting outfield prospect James Ramsey back from St. Louis in exchange. Here at LGT we've covered the news from a number of angles (...Who is this Ramsey guy? ...What does this mean for the rotation? ...Is it just me or do the Indians and Cardinals make a lot of trades together? ...Wasn't Justin swell? ...You can find it all through the sidebar on the right), and we've all had some time to digest the news, which may or may not have changed anyone's view on the trade.

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So, let's formalize the LGT community's response by asking one multiple-choice question about it.

I've tried to capture what seem like the major potential reactions to it, but you're also allowed to write, "Jason, you're terrible at coming up with these answer choices. You never have the response that I really want to vote for."

So, what say you? Should the Indians have traded Justin Masterson? If they were going to trade him, did they bring back the right return for him?

Hold on, I said I was only going to ask one question. Okay, see the survey below....