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Indians news: Trade deadline passes, Masterson and Cabrera gone

Adios Asdrubal and Justin, hola scary new Tigers rotation

Jason Miller

Well. A lot of stuff sure happened yesterday, didn't it? Unfortunately, a day spent cutting bait in the Dickerson department apartment searching is not a day conducive to keeping up with deadline news, so pardon any oversights. Here's at least a glimpse of what's going on around baseball:

Yesterday's game: Mariners 6, Indians 5

They still haven't figured out a way to program the Klubot to pitch more often than every five days, so the Indians lost last night. The Attach and Brian Shaw both gave up two-run homers to help the M's overcome a relative outburst from the Indians.

Indians trade deadline fallout

Antonetti wanted to do more at deadline | - The Justin Masterson and Asdrubal Cabrera trades were the talk of Tribetown today, but some LGTers were hoping the front office could pull off more. Shaptonetti was in the same boat, hoping to snag a pitching but just not being able to "cross the finish line" in trade talks.

Indians needed to trade Masterson and Cabrera | - Terry Pluto gives his take on the big trades, saying Tribe fans who call this a simple salary dump aren't seeing the whole picture.

Adios, Cabbie | Waiting for Next Year - Reflecting on the Asdrubal Cabr-era from Benuardo to Walters, WFNY notes the Tribe's talent for finding gems in minor trades.

Is Walters worth it? | Indians Baseball Insider - IBI tries to put the Cabrera trade into perspective, saying that Asdrubal wasn't great but was constantly undervalued by fans. In the process, he potentially undervalues Zach Walters, saying that his ceiling is Mike Aviles. Ouch. could be worse though. Could be Raburn.

Five versions of Zach Walters | Fangraphs - On the topic of worth it or not, Carson Cistulli discusses five potential outcomes for Zach Walters as a major leaguer, ranging from reasonable suck to much less suck.

Tribe won't rush Lindor despite trade | - It's the subject of a lot of debate around these parts after the Cabrera trade, but the Indians have no plans to rush Francisco Lindor to the majors.

Trade deadline tidbits from around MLB