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Scott Atchison gets made fun of by his teammates on Twitter

Some of Atchison's more youthful teammates had some fun at his expense this week on Twitter.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

At 38 years of age, Scott Atchison is one of the older players on the Indians. More than his actual date of birth though, Atch looks the part. And so it was that late Tuesday night, a number of Atchison's younger teammates took to Twitter, to have a bit of fun at his expense:

Corey Kluber (@CKluber) was the most active participant in the affair, and he started things off:

The Klubot than revealed an exclusive quote from one of the best hitters in franchise history:

Soon Josh Tomlin (@jtomlin43) decided to get in on the action:

...and then it was Lonnie Chisenhall's (@BIGLON8) turn:

And things went on from there...

To be fair, Atchison did have as much to do with the invention of baseball as Doubleday.

That's a pretty sweet ride, if you ask me.

That one too.

You can get all three channels on that TV!

I can't quite say why, but that one might be my favorite of the entire sequence.

John Axford (@JohnAxford) was a late arrival, but he joined in too:

He forgot to mention that it was always in the snow.

It's too bad modern jerseys don't have space for a pocket watch.

At that point, the team's official account (@Indians) piled on:

If I were Atchison, I'd file a grievance against the team for that one.

I like that while Kluber is the one making this joke, Lonnie is presented as the clear authority on the topic of Atchison's crossword habit.

I had a life-changing experience on a Carnival cruise too, but that's a different story, for a different audience.

And because one dinosaur joke deserves another...

(Yes, I know not all fossils were dinosaurs)

Atchison, as befitting a man of his maturity, took it all in stride: "It's all in good fun. I guess if they weren't making fun of me it would mean they didn't like me. There's some good stuff out there. They had some good ones on their own and some other people had some good ones, too."

We can only hope Atchison sets up a Twitter account of his own and gets some payback on those whippersnappers.