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Indians lose to Twins on late home run by Josh Willingham

The Indians have 11 games left against the Twins. Hopefully the vast majority of them go better than this one did.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Game 99: Twins 4, Indians 3

Box Score

Tribe falls to 50-49

Terry: Look at this, look at this, this is gonna be hilarious... (giggling)

Clubhouse Attendent: I'm sorry, are you talking to me?

Terry: Look at this lineup card.

Clubhouse Attendent: Sure.

Terry: Look who's batting fifth...

Clubhouse Attendant: Um, Ryan Raburn.

(Terry bursts into manic laughter)

Clubhouse Attendant: I'm sorry sir, but I don't think I get the joke.

Terry: Raburn is terrible! He's one of the worst hitters in baseball this year! He has no business in the lineup at all. I don't just have him in the lineup though, I have him right in the heart of it! Get it?!

Clubhouse Attendant: Oh... Well, shouldn't you be putting together the best lineup you can?

Terry: Nah, it's only one game. Besides, it's the Twins!

Clubhouse Attendant: Well yeah, but even bad baseball teams win games. I see you've got Raburn in left field too. Where's your normal left fielder, Michael Brantley? He was up here for the All-Star Game last week. Really nice guy.

Terry: He only had two days off after that game, so I want to get him some extra rest. That's not important though. What matters is that Raburn is batting fifth, and that's gonna crack the whole team up. To make things even funnier, I'd got Nick Swisher in right field. My god, the guys are gonna love that.

Clubhouse Attendant: Yeah, I guess that one is pretty funny.

Terry: He was terrible out there last season, and for a split second everyone will think that while everything else about his game has gotten way worse, maybe his outfield defense has somehow improved by almost never playing out there for ten months, but then they'll get that I'm just messing around tonight. Oh man, it's going to be epic!

Clubhouse Attendant: I think I should probably get back to work.

Terry: You know what'll make things even better? I'm gonna put Aviles in center! It's a position he's only played for two innings in his Major League career, so it'll really take this joke to a whole other level! ...Raburn batting fifth though, that's the punchline though. This is gonna be so great...

(Clubhouse Attendant backs away slowly)


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