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Wednesday morning news and notes: Danny Salazar looking better

Jason Miller

Tribe items:

Here's a solid article from Yahoo on the Indians' two silver liningsMichael Brantley and Lonnie Chisenhall. Nothing you wouldn't know by listening to the Tribe on the radio daily, but still worth your time. And it plants the "What if Mickey Brantley was every Indian's hitting coach?" seed in my head once again. Skip the sentence about how Carlos Santana "hasn't hit"—it even lumps him in with Nick Swisher. As with everything of this nature, skip the comments section.


Look for the Indians, who picked Mounds View pitcher-first baseman Sam Hentges with their fourth pick in last month's draft, to offer a signing bonus of considerably more than the $400,000 for which that pick is slotted.

Jordan Bastian's daily notes from Tuesday include Mickey Callaway talking about Danny Salazar, who is showing signs of improvement in Columbus lately:

"It looks like he's getting ready to come up here and help out. I've seen his mechanics. He's pretty much where he was last year at the end of the year... That's exciting for us."

Random items:

Joe Mauer left yesterday's game with a strained oblique.

Nelson Cruz and Jose Abreu each hit their 26th homer last night.

The Angels, absolutely desperate for a left-handed reliever, acquired Rich HIll. (LOL)

A few days after they DFA'd him, the Red Sox released Chris Capuano.

And it shouldn't, but this made me laugh: