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House gets work in: Thursday AM Indians news and notes

Midseason reports, Mike Papi promoted quickly and TJ House tunes up with the Scrappers

Terry Francona congratulates Jeter for helping Indians get home field advantage
Terry Francona congratulates Jeter for helping Indians get home field advantage

Tribe Related

Cleveland Indians confident for improvement in second half | NewsIndians midterm report by Jordan Bastian.

Which 5 starting pitchers give the Cleveland Indians the best chance in the second half? | - The Indians have shuffled and reshuffled their rotation this season like an obsessive-compulsive poker dealer. If the front office opts to keep the group as is, which five starters will give the club the best chance at contending?

Youngstown News, Indians lefty works five scoreless innings in Scrappers’ victory - T. J. House is mighty mighty in getting a small workout with short-season A ball Scrappers.

Baseball: Clippers weather pitching turnover | The Columbus Dispatch - At the All-Star break this week, 80 percent of the Clippers’ opening day rotation was somewhere other than Columbus and Huntington Park.

Indians promote Tunkhannock’s Papi - Sports - Citizens' Voice - Tunkhannock, Virginia native and Indians 2014 draft pick Mike Papi had 9 at-bats at Mahoning Valley before promotion to Lake County.

‘American Muscle’ to feature Detroit Lion star Ndamukong Suh in new episode - The Global Dispatch - And Nick Swisher. Brotastic.

Around the Horn

Yes, Derek Jeter got a fat pitch. What did you expect? | : Dirk Hayhurst Article - When a guy like Derek Jeter walks up to home plate in a game that exists to honor greatness, you're damn right he's going to get a couple of center-cut fastballs. That, ladies and gentleman, is how this business respects its own.

Moss Point's Sipp having career year with Astros | High School Sports | The Sun Herald - Moss Point product and LGFT Tony Sipp is on course to have his best season in the Major Leagues while serving as a steadying force in the bullpen for a young and improved Houston Astros squad.

How Trading for David Price Changes the Odds | FanGraphs Baseball - Indians would improve playoff odds with David Price. But at what cost?

Five unexpected MLB records that may fall this season. | : Michael Clair Article - Everybody knows how many games in a row Joe DiMaggio hit in, or who the last player to top .400 was. But do you know the record for most position players to pitch in a season, or what team scored the fewest runs per game? Those records and others like them are set to fall.

These injuries will have huge impacts on the MLB playoff drives. | : Marc Normandin Article - The one inevitable truth that every baseball team has to deal with is that someone important will get injured. All they can do is hope that it's not for a long period of time, or that they have enough depth to cover for them. As these five teams are learning, it's not always so easy.

Royals acquire Jason Frasor from Rangers | HardballTalk - The last-place Rangers have started to sell off veterans, trading reliever Jason Frasor to the Royals for minor leaguer Spencer Patton.

Luke Scott released from Korean team after calling coach a "liar" and a "coward" | HardballTalk - I guess Luke Scott is now available.