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Indians Draft 2014: Open thread for Days 2 and 3

Day 2 of the 2014 MLB Draft kicks off today at 1:00 ET. Rounds 3 through 10 will take place today, with the Indiansholding the 23rd pick in each of those rounds. You can watch the draft live at, and drop your thoughts on any of the Indians selections from Day 1 or 2 into the comments here.

As on Day 1, each pick today has a slot value, which combine to create the team's overall budget for players drafted before the end of round 10. Here are the slot values for each of the Indians' Day 2 picks:

  • 3rd round: $539,600
  • 4th round: $400,200
  • 5th round: $299,600
  • 6th round: $224,300
  • 7th round: $168,200
  • 8th round: $154,800
  • 9th round: $144,600
  • 10th round: $137,600

While you're waiting for the Tribe's next pick, here are some other draft items:

  • Our great big 2014 MLB Draft guide (with links to whom the Indians have drafted in recent years, what the organizational depth looks like at various positions, and more)

Are there any particular players you're hoping to see the Indians draft today? Perhaps someone from your alma mater, someone to provide backup vocals on Trevor Bauer's next album, or someone with a really cool name?

I'm hoping that they draft me, but I'm willing to settle for being an early pick on Day 3.

Speaking of Day 3, it kicks off at 1:00 ET on Saturday, and includes rounds 11 through 40. There are no slot values for those picks, and they do not count against a team's draft budget.