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Indians Day 1 draft picks: Bradley Zimmer, Justus Sheffield, Mike Papi, Grant Hockin

Here's each of the Indians four picks from Day 1 of the 2014 MLB Draft

Thursday was Day 1 of the 2014 MLB Draft. The Indians were among the busiest teams, waiting til #21 for their first pick, but drafting a total of four players in the first 61 picks. I don't want to leave the write up for each of those four players on the front page, because we've had a ton of draft content lately. In an effort to keep clear up some real estate for further coverage of the draft, as well as what's going on with the actual 2014 Indians, I've collected those player write ups and put them all here:

#21 - Bradley Zimmer (OF, University of San Francisco)

#31 - Justus Sheffield (LHP, HS in Tullahoma, Tennessee)

#38 - Mike Papi (OF/1B, University of Virginia)

#61 - Grant Hockin (RHP, HS in La Verne, California)

Adding to what I said about those players individually, I would add that collectively, they seem like a really good bunch. ESPN's Keith Law, one of the most respected talent evaluators in the country, calls the Tribe's group of draftees his "favorite" among all 30 MLB teams. It's nice to see that kind of reaction from someone who follows this sort of thing so closely.

The 2014 MLB Draft continues this afternoon at 1:00 ET, with rounds 3 through 10. The Indians hold the 23rd pick in each of those rounds (as well as in rounds 11-40, which will take place on Saturday). Each draft choice through the end of round 10 has a slot value. Teams may exceed those values individually, but if a team goes over the total slot value of all its signed draft picks, they are taxed on the overage, and if the overage is more than 5%, the team loses future draft picks (the Indians certainly will not be doing that).

Here is the slot value for each Indians pick:

  • 1) $2,008,100
  • C) $1,733,000
  • CB) $1,495,400
  • 2) $928,700
  • 3) $539,600
  • 4) $400,200
  • 5) $299,600
  • 6) $224,300
  • 7) $168,200
  • 8) $154,800
  • 9) $144,600
  • 10) $137,600

The combined slot value of all of the Tribe's picks in the first 10 rounds is $8,234,100.