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2014 MLB Draft: Day 1 (open thread)

We'll be here all night.

The 2014 MLB Draft kicks off tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET, with the first two rounds (along with compensatory and competitive balance picks). The Indians have 4 of the first 61 picks, so it's a major opportunity to add a lot of talent to the organization.

The team's picks on day 1 are:

Everything you need for the 2014 MLB Draft

Everything you need for the 2014 MLB Draft

#21 (first round)

#31 (compensatory)

#38 (competitive balance)

#61 (second round)

You'll find all our pre-draft coverage from recent weeks by clicking on the sidebar. There are mock drafts, a look at how the Indians have done in recent drafts, analysis of the organizational depth at each position, and more. It'll give you plenty to do while we wait out the time when other teams are on the clock.

This is your open thread to discuss each of the Tribe's four picks, along with anything else that might be on your mind (except for German beer, because someone brought that up during the game thread last night, and things got weird). I'm not sure who the Johnny Football of amateur baseball is, but perhaps he'll be putting on an Indians hat tonight.