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MLB Draft 2014: Everything a Cleveland Indians fan needs to know

It's all happening.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 MLB Draft begins tonight, with the first two rounds. Here's what you need to know about it:

How can I follow the draft?

To begin with, be here with us at Let's Go Tribe. We'll have an open thread going for fans to discuss every pick, and we'll give special attention to each of the players selected bu the Indians.

The draft will be streaming live at, with the first 74 picks also being shown live on MLB Network. If you dont have that channel, and can't stream the draft, you can also track each pick by following @MLBDraftTracker on Twitter. If you're out and about over the weekend and can't keep up with your Twitter feed, you can also follow along using the MLB At Bat app by finding the Draft Tracker under the "More" tab on your iPhone or Android.

Also be sure to check out SB Nation's 2014 MLB Draft coverage for previews, commentary, and recaps.

Here's the broadcast schedule:

June 5

6 p.m. - Draft preview show on MLB Network and

7 p.m. - Live Draft (Rounds 1-Comp. B) on MLB Network and

June 6

1 p.m. - Live Draft (Rounds 3-10) on

June 7

1 p.m. - Live Draft (Rounds 11-40) on

What picks do the Indians hold?

The Indians have 4 of the first 61 picks, all of which will be televised tonight:

  • #21 (1st round)
  • #31 (compensation pick)
  • #38 (competitive balance pick)
  • #61 (2nd round)

After that the Indians have the 23rd pick in each round.

What's the slot value of the Indians' picks?

Each pick during the first 10 rounds has a slot value. For example, the #1 overall pick in the draft (held by Houston) has a $7.922 million slot value, while picks in the 10 round have a slot value of ~$138,000. Teams are allowed to sign each of their draftees to whatever contract they like, but there are penalties of a team's total expenditures exceed the total slot value of their picks.

Here is the slot value for each Tribe pick:

  • 1) $2,008,100
  • C) $1,733,000
  • CB) $1,495,400
  • 2) $928,700
  • 3) $539,600
  • 4) $400,200
  • 5) $299,600
  • 6) $224,300
  • 7) $168,200
  • 8) $154,800
  • 9) $144,600
  • 10) $137,600

The combined slot value of all of the Tribe's picks in the first 10 rounds is $8,234,100. If they exceed that by up to 5%, they must pay a tax on it. If they exceed that total by more than 5%, they lose future draft picks (that won't happen). The slot value for any draft picks who are not signed is subtracted from the available funds (meaning that if the Indians don't sign their 5th round pick, their combined slot value drops by $299,600).

What have the Indians done in recent years?

Here's a look back at which players the Indians have drafted in recent years, and how those players are doing now:

What's the overall state of the Indians' farm system?

Here's a look at the organizational depth at each position:

Who might the Indians draft?

Predicting the MLB draft is a difficult thing, but many smart people have put together mock drafts. Here's a look at the players the Indians are projected to take in the most recent mock draft from:

Indians General Manager Chris Antonetti says:

"Our approach is best player available, whether it's a pitcher or position player. With the development path in baseball, today's need may be very different than in three or four years."

As I said at the top, we'll be here all night, following the draft and letting you about each of the four players the Indians select.

In the meantime, is there anyone you're hoping to see put on a Tribe cap this evening?

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