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Danny Salazar placed on minor league disabled list

Danny's 2014 keeps getting worse.

Jason Miller

Danny Salazar has been placed on the minor league disabled list with a triceps strain. The severity of the strain has not yet been revealed, so it's hard to know how long he might be out. If it's mild, he might just miss a couple starts, and be back on the mound within two weeks. If it's more serious, he could be out for months.

Salazar was expected by most to be one of the Indians' two best pitchers this season, but he averaged barely 5 innings a game over eight starts, with an ugly 5.53 ERA. His strikeout rate was great, but he was walking batters at a higher rate than ever before, and giving up far too many home runs. He was demoted to Triple-A Columbus nearly three weeks ago, with the aim of improving his off-speed stuff. In three starts there though, he 10 earned runs in just 12.2 innings, with 21 hits allowed, including 3 home runs, in addition to 8 walks. Not good.

It's hard to be happy about an injury, but if he's been dealing with this problem all season, this could be a good thing, as it would mean he might be better able to get back to how he was doing last season, once he gets enough time for rest and recovery. On the other hand, it coud be a sign of something more serious, and it wouldn't be a total surprise if he's on the operating table for Tommy John surgery before the end of the season.Obviously we'll have to keep on eye out for news on how long he might be out, and we'll continue to watch him closely once he's able to pitch again.

Duke von Schamann has been promoted to Columbus in order to fill the roster spot. He was acquired from Los Angeles during the first week of the season (in exchange for reliever Colt Hynes), and has been doing very well for Double-A Akron so far. The 23-year-old righty has a 3.18 ERA in 45.1 inning. He doesn't strike out many hitters, but he doesn't walk many either.