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Indians news and notes: Five-game winning streak and the heavyweight title belt

I liked Tuesday night very much.

What's happening to their legs??? - PHOTO
What's happening to their legs??? - PHOTO
David Maxwell

About last night:

The Indians won their fifth game in a row Tuesday night, defeating Boston, 5-3. T.J. House made another nice start and Michael Bourn had the game's big hit. The Tribe is now only one game below .500, and only a game and a half behind the second Wild Card spot.

By winning the game, the Indians also clinched the three-game series against Boston, which means they also won the EOS Heavyweight Title. Dayn Perry has the details.

Other Tribe items:

Carlos Santana is expected to come off the DL on Friday. He says despite another concussion, he doesn't want to give up on playing behind the plate. "I don't think I want to stop catching. I haven't talked to Tito or anybody about that. I haven't thought about that."

Alec Shirkey's daily notes at include word from Terry Francona that he'll work harder to limit the number of innings the team's top relievers are throwing. "I have a responsibility. I want to see Cody, Shaw, I want to see them all break the bank."

FanGraphs' Carson Cistulli checks in on how Corey Kluber appears to different animals...

...Sadly, Kluber was overlooked for American League Pitcher of the Month, despite doing something only nine other pitchers in the last 100 years had done...

...Carson also passed along a leader board he created with the nine other guys who've done it, which gives you a numerical sense of how elite the company Kluber is now keeping is.

Around MLB:

If you haven't already seen Cee Angi's beautiful profile of Dodgers announcer Vin Scully, carve out a few minutes from your day and read it. Right now is a good time for it. I'll wait...

Former MLB pitcher Dirk Hayhurst is now a broadcaster and writer, and this week he has two great takes:

Finally, a few weeks ago I wrote about how Miami's Henderson Alvarez has become a Maddux icon by becoming the fastest pitcher to throw three of them. I'll have to update that post, because last night Alvarez cemented his status as one of my five favorite non-Indians in baseball by throwing his second Maddux of the season. Only 18 others have thrown more than one in a season.