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Michael Brantley is the only Indian getting any All-Star Game support

It's no surprise the Indians won't have anyone voted into the starting lineup, but I thought support would be better than this.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The latest results for American League All-Star voting show that the Indians are not getting much support. Given that the Tribe play in a small market, are drawing horribly at the gate, and have a losing record, it's no surprise that they don't have any players doing especially well, but I am surprised to see just how poorly the team's listed players are doing.

The top five at each position are listed in the results, with the top fifteen for the three outfield spots, and Michael Brantley is the only Indian who shows up. Brantley is 9th among outfielders, with ~460,000 votes. That's a far cry from Mike Trout and Jose Bautista, who lead all AL players with 1.36 and 1.35 million votes. It also puts him a ways behind Melky Cabrera, who I am surprised to see in 3rd place.

Other leaders are Matt Wieters, Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Josh Donaldson, Derek Jeter (yuck), and Nelson Cruz.

Brantley is 3rd among AL outfielders in RBI, 5th in wRC+, 7th in home runs, and 8th in stolen bases. Whether you like new metrics or old ones, Brantley belongs in the All-Star Game this season, so hopefully his fellow players and/or Boston manager John Ferrell recognize that.

Given that Lonnie Chisenhall, who has been the team's next-best position player, isn't even on the ballot, there isn't anyone who necessarily should be in the top three at their position, but Yan Gomes has a case, and I think he's certainly one of the top five catchers in the AL. He obviously doesn't have anywhere near the level of name-recognition needed to do well in this sort of thing.

Aside from Brantley, the other Indians player who absolutely belongs in the All-Star Game is Corey Kluber, who just concluded one of the best months by any pitcher in MLB history. Fans can't vote for pitchers, but given that Kluber has even less name-recognition than Gomes, he certainly wouldn't be doing well if the fans did have the chance to vote for him.

As I said before, there's a case for Gomes, whose offense is far behind 3 or 4 others, but whose defense (despite those early errors) has again been very good, and so his overall value at least puts him in the discussion. Unless there are injuries to a number of other players around the league, or the Indians win a lot more games than they lose in the next month, they aren't likely to get three All-Stars, so I'm just hoping Brantley and Kluber aren't overlooked.

Voting is open for another month, and you can find the ballot here.