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Indians Friday News & Notes: Kipnis trying to make hard contact, more on Masterson's knee, and Lindor's broken face

What's the deal with Kipnis this year?

Ed Zurga

Sometimes, there's nothing better than the old dominant victory followed by an off day combo. Hopefully the momentum, rest, and physical presence of yours truly on the upcoming west coast trip will do wonders for our Tribe. Here's what's up around baseball:

Indians news & notes

Kipnis still trying to make hard contact | - Jason Kipnis has been struggling to regain the power stroke he displayed in his breakout 2013 season.

"It's literally my swing. It's just not doing what my eyes and head are telling it to do."

Sounds like a bit of a problem to me. As per the usual party line, Terry Francona is confident that Kip will come around. The sooner he can get his swing in line with his eyes and head, the better. Fun note from this link: Hoynes calls that Tuesday abomination the "most entertaining game of the year."

Masterson's knee has been nagging since second start | - Not surprising to anyone who has taken notice of Justin Masterson's notable drop in velocity this year. Whether or not a DL stint is looming, the front office is looking more and more prescient by the day for not locking Masterson up to a long-term deal.

Inbox: when will Tribe bring up Lindor? | -  Jordan Bastian tackles his mailbag and answers, among other things, questions about the likelihood of promoting Francisco Lindor this season and what to do with Nick Swisher.

Lindor suffers nasal fracture | - In case you missed it (and you might have, since I forgot to mention it in yesterday's N&N), Francisco Lindor took baseball to the face due to an errant hop in Wednesday's game. He's expected to return within ten days.

Reliving yesteryear: David Justice | Waiting For Next Year - Part of an ongoing series, WFNY looks back at David Justice's stint with the Indians. The man who broke our hearts in the '95 Series came in a shocking trade for Kenny Lofton, and was meant to be a replacement for the recently departed Albert Belle. Fans were skeptical, but he worked out just fine.

The Seattle Indians? It could have happened | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - File this under stuff I didn't know: the Indians considered a move to Seattle in the late '60's while there was a struggle to extend the lease at Municipal Stadium.

Tidbits from around baseball

Why A.J. Pierkjdfhfgljdfdouchelisylhski was ejected back in May | - Anthony Castrovince with some funny insider info in the midst of his column about the rise in ejections this year.

Where has all the offense gone? | - Zack Meisel analyzes the continued drop in offensive stats and provide some potential explanations. This will come as no surprise in general, but the specifics are interesting. The number of shut outs thrown this year is easily on pace to eclipse the all-time record. On the other hand...

The most extreme home runs of the first hame | Fangraphs - Devoid of the usual FFG analysis, this post is instead full of awesome GIFs of monster homers.