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Indians Friday News & Notes: Swisher's walk-off granny, Masterson's shortened delivery, and more on Kershaw's no-no

Can the Indians translate the positive momentum from yesterday's thrilling win into another sweep of Detroit?

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It's a great day to be an Indians fan. High on emotion from yesterday's bro-tastic walk-off win, the Tribe prepares for a showdown against their Rust Belt rivals. The Motor City Kitties come to town for a three-game set, having recently fallen behind the Royals for first place in the AL Central. Here's what's going on in Tribeland and beyond:

Yesterday's game: Indians 5, Angels 3

Nick Swisher said @#%$ your casual understanding of probability, crushing a grand slam to best the Angels and propel the Indians to a series win. Bro-H-I-O!

Indians news & notes

Swisher adds his name to walk-off lore | - After hitting the first extra inning, walk-off grand slam in Progressive Field history, Nick Swisher was glowing. It was his second extra inning, game-winning homer in just five days.

When I first hit it, I was like, 'All right, that's a double.' Next thing you know, I'm like, 'Just get to second, bro, as fast as you can.' And then, next thing you know, it went out.

As badly as he's been playing, he's still a fun dude to have around. And maybe, just maybe, he's heating up.

Masterson letting his pitches "eat" | - Justin Masterson has made countless adjustments to his mechanics this year, but his latest mantra is to let his pitches "eat." You're wondering exactly what that means, I bet. As we've come to expect, Paul Hoynes does a perfect job of not explaining it, but it seems like Masty has been working with pitching coach Mickey Callaway to shorten his delivery.

Rain creates need to shuffle rotation | - Justin Masterson's scheduled start on Wednesday was rained out, but he pitched in last night's game. Corey Kluber is still in line for his scheduled start today, which leave the recently re-activated Zach McAllister the odd man out. Trevor Bauer and Josh Tomlin are scheduled to go this weekend against Detroit, but there may be some shuffling to keep The Attach from going too long without pitching.

Big series, big crowds vs. Detroit | - Terry Pluto expects this weekend's series not only to draw big crowds, but to have a playoff-type atmosphere. The Indians have gone 18-11 since sweeping Detroit in May, while the Tigers have gone 10-21. Still, Pluto notes, it would be unwise to discount them.

Indians vs. Tigers series preview | - Klubot takes the mound against Rick Porcello. Michael Brantley and Torii Hunter are both looking at possible returns for Saturday's game.

Homegrown by the Cleveland Indians | Did The Tribe Win Last Night - A look at the homegrown stars of the Jacobs/Progressive Field era, and the concept of rooting for homegrown stars versus hired guns.

The great Albert Belle bat caper | Waiting for Next Year - Recounting once again the greatest heist story in baseball history. This never gets old.

Tidbits from around MLB

Kershaw's un-perfect perfect game | Fangraphs - Part of what made Clayton Kershaw's no-no on Wednesday night so amazing was that you could see it coming a mile away. This wasn't one of those unexpected, fluke no-hitters. Requisite Fangraphs charts and GIFs included.

And just for fun, here's a video of Kershaw striking out every batter he faces in a high school game.

Pennant or purple heart for Rangers | CBS Sports - Expected to be in the mix for the AL pennant after picking up Shin-Soo Choo and Prince Fielder in the offseason, the Texas Rangers have instead been decimated by injury and now must grapple with the decision to be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline.

Stanton's present and future | Fangraphs - Just 1.6% of all major league line drives are hit at 105 mph or faster; 39% of Giancarlo Stanton's hit 105 or faster. The dude is explosive like no other.

Seven simple tips for rooting for a hopeless baseball team | Sports On Earth - No one's saying the 2014 indians are hopeless, but I'm sure we can all find a little something to identify with here.

Ortiz whines about official scorer's ruling | Boston Globe - David Ortiz gestured to the official scorer after a hard-hit ball that Joe Mauer failed to field was ruled an error. How are there still people that think Ortiz is one of the "good guys?"