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Indians place Jason Giambi on DL; Yan Gomes returns from paternity leave

Another move will be needed tomorrow...

Jason Miller

The Indians have placed Jason Giambi on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right calf. It is unclear at this moment whether or not the 43-year-old slugger will still be able to provide a positive clubhouse presence. Giambi went 0 for 10 and played sporadically after joining the team (after an earlier DL stint).

Giambi's roster spot will be filled by Yan Gomes, who is returning from a brief paternity leave for the birth of his daughter.

It is unclear at this moment if Yan is aware of the adorable standard he and his child will be expected to live up to, established by former Indians catcher Victor Martinez and his son. It will be a while before the youngest Gomes is old enough to go on the field, but with Gomes signed to an extension through at least 2019, her time will come.

Gomes has not hit nearly as well so far this season as he did last year, but that's not a surprise to me. He's still hitting plenty well enough (.261/.298/.443) to be quite valuable as a top defensive catcher. The more troubling difference between last year and now is that Gomes hasn't been playing the same caliber defense either. He's already allowed as many passed balls as he did in 2013, and made more than twice as many errors. Hopefully he has a better handle on the cradle.

For now the Indians have three catchers on the roster, with George Kottaras still in Cleveland despite Gomes' return. It remains to be seen whether he's really being kept up though, as another move will be needed tomorrow, when Josh Tomlin is brought up to join the starting rotation.

Congratulations to Yan and his wife, and warm wishes for a slow and steady recovery for Giambi and his calf.