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Indians Friday news: Can Jason Kipnis give the Indians a boost?

After that sweet, merciful off day the Indians unfortunately have to play baseball this weekend

Brian Kersey

Feels good to not have to read/link to three different recaps of another miserable loss. In the temporary absence of misery, let's take a look at what's going on around baseball:

Indians news & notes

Misery loves company

Remember what I said about the absence of misery? Just kidding! The whole of Indians fandom is wondering just what the hell is wrong with the 2014 version of the team, and several writers are doing their best to take a rational look at an emotionally draining season. Over at CleCom, Terry Pluto tries to take an optimistic approach by reiterating the ways in which the team escape certain doom in 2013. Even he can't stray from negativity, though, pointing out how Carlos Santana and Nick Swisher's abysmal play has managed to shield Asdrubal Cabrera from criticism for his just very bad play. He mentions the possibility of trading Cabrera and promoting Francisco Lindor, but i personality can't see a scenario where that happens.

In case you missed it, LGT's own Jason Lukehart also took a look at the issue, somehow managing to distill this burning trash heap of a season into a top 5 list of atrociousness.

We all know a top 5 list isn't enough to capture all the shortcomings of this team, but maybe there are still some bright spots. Laurel Wilder over at Did The Tribe Win Last Night? thinks Jason Kipnis can be that desperately needed shot in the arm. Will it be enough?

Tommy John's path of destruction

Zack Meisel examines the explosion in Tommy John surgeries through an Indians lens. Josh Tomlin said the elbow pain prior to his surgery felt like someone was sticking a knife in his elbow. Tribe relievers Cody Allen and Josh Outman also had the surgery but Outman takes a a fatalistic approach about it, noting that it's just a part of the game now.

There are good things happening, too

It's Pronounced "Lajaway" has a couple of positive pieces, one of which is sure to please at least one long-time LGT reader/contributor. First, Ryan Pinheiro digs dig into Corey Kluber's stats to show how it's his secondary pitches that are making him the elite pitcher he's become.

Then, Joseph Werner catches up with a former Tribesman who will forever lovingly be known as "Stomp" - for reasons I'm sure very few of us will remember. On the topic of LGFT, Waiting For Next Year relives yesteryear with Alex Cole, the real life Willie Mays Hayes.

On the feel good side of things, the Indians are teaming with Harvest for Hunger, collecting donations at this Saturday's game against the Rockies. Meanwhile, League Park's rebirth is in full swing, as restorations began with installation of a new diamond. CleCom has a great slideshow and video capturing the details.

Tidbits from around MLB