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Indians news & notes (5/2/14): Is it too early or too late?

On one hand, the Indians have had a terrible month. On the other hand, it's only the first month of baseball, and look how last year turned out. On the other *other* hand...

We all thought the 2013 season was over until this...
We all thought the 2013 season was over until this...
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Mercifully, there was no game last night, which means I don't have to waste space talking about another game full of defensive blunders and rotation explosions. Instead, here's a (mostly) depression-free news & notes, just like in the offseason! (but not really)

Indians news

Indians are bad, but it's still early | - Paul Hoynes points out what we've all been saying - the Indians are really bad, but it's still only May... but the Indians are *really* bad. One important thing he points out, though, is just how streaky the team was last year:

The Indians were streaky last year. They went on five losing streaks of five or more games followed by five corresponding good streaks in which they went 22-9, 3-1, 32-16, 9-4 and 21-6.

If last year was any indication of the way Terry Francona's Indians teams will operate, maybe we're in for a hell of a ride again.

Losing streak leads to questions and doubts | - Terry Pluto is decidedly less optimistic than Hoynes. Unfortunately, I think I'm with him.

Which Tribe stats are sustainable? | - Though he mixes in discussion of a handful of "idiot stats," Zack Meisel has a pretty good look at some of the Tribe's April numbers that look like outliers. He thinks Santana will come around because he's been able to make adjustments after the first time he sees an opposing pitcher. The defense will probably keep sucking, though.

With Carrasco in the 'pen, choice is between Bauer or Tomlin | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Laurel Wilder gives her two cents on the issue, recommending Trevor Bauer to take the spot vacated by Carlos Carrasco. Note that this was written before Tomlin pitched a Maddux in last night's game.

A chance taken leads to success for Tom Hamilton | - A last-minute decision to send in a tape landed Hammy the job we've all come to know and love him for.

Native American group wants Nike to stop selling Chief Wahoo | - In addition to the protest at Nike's headquarters in Oregon, the group has started the Twitter hashtag #dechief to encourage followers. No matter what side you're on, please for the love of god avoid the comments section over there.

Tidbits from around MLB

Worst pitches of April | Fangraphs - A collection of gifs of the worst pitches from the past month. The worst (best?) got a loud, legit LOL from me. Plus, Danny Salazar makes an appearance!

MLB uniform firsts & lasts | Uni Watch (ESPN) - Did you know the Indians were the first team to wear numbers on the back of their jerseys?

Worst possible All-Star ballot | Sports On Earth - Will Leitch undermines the All-Star selection process by picking the worst team possible. Hey look, it's Jason Giambi!

Diamondbacks surprise by being worst team in baseball | CBS Sports - It could be worse. You could be the Arizona fan.

Rare footage of 1919 World Series | Twitter (@buckweaver) - Awesome archive footage from the series made famous by the Black Socks.

Astros sign Sipp | Ultimate Astros - LGFT Tony Sipp is released by the Padres and signed to a minor league deal with Houston.