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Indians suffer their worst loss of the season as Zach McAllister is shelled

Well that wasn't very much fun...

Jason Miller

Game 42: Athletics 11, Indians 1

They played the last seven and a half innings of Friday night's game at Progressive Field, but they didn't need to, because Zach McAllister had already ensured that there would be no doubt about the outcome. The game started well, as McAllister struck out the side in the top of the 1st, getting Coco Crisp, John Jaso, and Josh Donaldon in order. Then Nick Swisher hit a home run in the bottom half of the inning, and it seemed like this might be an enjoyable game.  Things turned with startling quickness, and from there this wasn't just some run-of-the-mill bad game by McAllister, it was one of the worst starts any of us have ever seen an Indian make.

McAllister gave up a double to lead off the 2nd, then a single, then another single, which tied the game. Then he walked a man, and then he gave up a grand slam to Josh Reddick. At that point McAllister finally got an out, but his reprieve was short lived, because he walked the next two men, then gave up another home run (this one to Donaldson), which put the Tribe in an 8-1 hole. At that point McAllister was put out of his misery.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In my disgust with lats night's game, I somehow miscalculated McAllister's game score by quite a bit. It was a very, very bad 12, but not the historically bad -4 I listed here originally. I've left the paragraph below in the recap, because the historical info is accurate and sort of interesting, but McAllister ISN'T the sixth Tribe pitcher in the last century with a negative game score. There hasn't been a game score worse than 12 for the Indians since 2012, but there were three such games in that delightful season, including two by Derek Lowe.

McAllister's final line for the 2nd inning: 1 out, 8 runs (all earned) on 5 hits and 3 walks. Including his nice 1st inning, you get a game score of -4. Yes, that's a subtraction symbol in front of that four, signifying a negative number. That puts McAllister in pretty exclusive company, as he is only the sixth Tribe pitcher in the last 100 years to post a negative game score. That last to do it was Charles Nagy in 1998. The lowest number on the list is -26, which was done by Johnny Miljus back in 1929; he gave up 14 runs (all earned) in 3 innings one day that season. It's a shame Francona didn't leave McAllister in to make a run at the record.

Some stuff happened after that, most of it bad:

Kyle Crockett made his MLB debut, and got a double-play ball that ended that miserable 2nd inning, but then he gave up a home run in the 3rd (something he'd done only twice in the minors during the 11 months since he was drafted)...

Carlos Carrasco pitched the last 4 innings of the game, an gave up the one millionth home run of his career (Josh Reddick again)...

Carlos Santana went 0 for 4 and made an error at third base for the second game in a row...

* Swisher made his fifth error of the season, which is the most by any first baseman in MLB...

* The lineup figured there was no need to waste any production when it wouldn't change the end result, and had only two hits over the game's final eight innings...

The Indians fall to 19-23, last place in the AL Central. The eleven total runs allowed are a season high for the Tribe, as is the 10-run margin of defeat. Pretty much every aspect of this one went poorly, and I don't have the energy to try and find something nice to say about it.

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