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Indians news (Saturday): Was Asdrubal Cabrera robbed of the cycle?

In which I start out by talking about last night's win, and finish by philosophizing about growing up and drifting from old friends...

Jason Miller


About last night:

The Indians extended their winning streak to four games Friday night, their longest of the season. Corey Kluber pitched another good game, while Asdrubal Cabrera, Michael Brantley, and Mike Aviles all went deep, giving the Tribe three home runs in a game for only the second time all season.


Let's Go Tribe (Phil Kehres) (Jordan Bastian) (Paul Hoynes)

Other Tribe items:

Five questions with David Murphy - Hoynes has a brief discussion with the Tribe right fielder, in which I am reminded of the fact that like many of our favorite LGFTs, Murphy has experienced two World Series losses.

Bastian's daily notes at include word that Elliot Johnson has accepted an assignment to Columbus an this quote from Jason Giambi on going on the DL:

"I just needed to take a step back so the ballclub could move forward, basically. ... It was the right decision for the ballclub."

The words of a man who knows the team is better off without him on the 25-man roster.

Teammates believe Cabrera deserved the cycle (Stephanie Storm, - Asdrubal Cabrera had four hits Thursday, and only missed hitting for the cycle because after reaching third base in the 8th inning, the official scorer decided it was a double, and that he'd only reached third base because the outfielder threw home. Cabrera's teammates disagree with that decision.

The Legend of Tony Plush Michael Baumann, Grantland) - I don't really know how to describe this one, but it involves an old man forty years from now telling his grandson about a ballplayer who rose a unicorn.

Around MLB:

The Baseball Marriage (Barry Svrluga, Washington Post) -  An up close look at Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond and his wife Chelsey, and the life of a baseball family. Obviously not every couple/family in that situation is the same, but with Lonnie Chisenhall recently welcoming his second child to the family, and Yan Gomes welcoming his first (and many speculating that it's the root of his defensive issues this season), I found this an interesting read.

The Intentional Walk Rage System (Joe Posnanski) - Like many fans these days, Posnanski is not a fan of the intentional walk. Sure, it has its time and place, but it is far overused. He's come up with a scoring system to determine just how egregious a free pass is.

Sermon on the Mound (Dick Hayhurst, Sports on Earth) - A former MLB pitcher writes about the art of the mound visit, which he calls "the Twitter version of coaching."

This week's off-topic topic:

This weekend's big new release is Neighbors, which looks like it could be pretty funny, which gets me thinking about my favorite comedies of recent years. For this list, I'm trying to limit myself to what feel strictly like comedies. For example, Wes Anderson's movies all have great humor, but they don't feel to me like comedies.

My favorite comedies of the last ten years:

6) The Hangover (2009)

5) Shaun of the Dead (2004)

4) Role Models (2008)

3) Tropic Thunder (2008)

2) Anchorman (2004)

1) The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

It's been five years since the most recent of those movies came out, and I wonder if that has more to do with my life than the movies. During high school and college, and for four or five years after that, I was with my friends what now seems like constantly. We saw a ton of movies, some of which would then become a reference point for our interactions.

Now though, people are married or engaged, people have kids, people don't all live in the same neighborhood. I'm a lot less likely to see a movie with my friends and we're a lot less likely to add new references to our rotation. Newer movies don't become part of the fabric of our friendship, which probably diminishes how much they can really mean to me, when it comes to comedies. I doubt I would enjoy any of those movies nearly as much if I saw them for the first time today.

Maybe nothing is as funny as it is when you're young and with your friends.