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Josh Tomlin is making a strong case to be called up by the Indians

Josh Tomlin certainly knows how to win me over...


Josh Tomlin is one of two candidates for being added to the Indians' starting rotation next week. Terry Francona and his coaching staff will be making a decision a few days from now, and Tomlin just made about as strong a case for himself as can be done in a single game, by throwing a Maddux for the Columbus Clippers Thursday night.

What's a Maddux, you ask? (unless you've been paying attention around these parts, in which case you already know) A Maddux is a complete game shutout on fewer than 100 pitches. It is named after Greg, who threw a record 13 of them during his career. It was created by me, which makes this all something of a shameless plug. If you want to find out more about the Maddux, there's plenty of info here.

Tomlin needed only 89 pitches to finish the game (those 89 pitches featured 70 strikes!). He allowed only three hits, didn't walk a single batter, and recorded a very impressive 10 strikeouts.

He was facing the Durham Bulls, who entered the game with the highest OPS of any team in the International League, so as minor league lineups go, the one Tomlin dominated was pretty legit. Tomlin also pitched 8 shutout innings in his previous outing, also without issuing a single free pass. In five starts on the season, he's got a 2.06 ERA, with a K:BB ratio of 28:9 in 35 innings.

Tomlin clearly knows the way to my heart, and after his performance tonight, I want him promoted to Cleveland*.

*opinion subject to change