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Cleveland Indians Minor League Update: April 30-May 6

The weekly Tribe minor-league discussion/news/box score post.

Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

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Here are the latest minor-league numbers. On the rosters you'll see some color highlights:

Prospects That Matter: Yellow

These players were selected based on a rating system that took into account their relative age, level, and performance, which was also adjusted by position and role (starter/reliever). You can read much about this here,here, and here.

Prospects of Interest: Orange

These are players who didn't meet PTM for one reason or another but in my (subjective) mind worthy of interest to the casual fan. For instance, players who didn't meet Plate Appearance or Innings thresholds weren't included in the PTM ratings, and PTM didn't count short-season results. So players like Kyle Crockett (not enough innings),Clint Frazier (short-season) and Francisco Mejia (short-season), while they aren't PTMs, are very much worth following.

We're now almost a month into the minor-league season, so the numbers are starting to be worth paying attention to. There are several Tribe prospects having excellent starts to their seasons, but unfortunately several that aren't starting so hot, and some that have already landed on the Disabled List.

Columbus Clippers (AAA)


Jose Ramirez, who is only 21 years old, is having no problems adjusting to AAA. He's slugging .484 (though a lot of that is because of Huntington Park), but more importantly he has more walks than strikeouts. Earlier this week he made a start in center field, a sign that the Indians are envisioning a future for as a utility player for him.


Akron RubberDucks (AA)


Yesterday Giovanni Soto, who had pitched very well out of the bullpen, was placed on the DL this week with more shoulder problems. Fellow left-hander Kyle Crockett, who was pitching in college a year ago, still hasn't given up an earned run.


Carolina Mudcats (A+)


Four key players are on the Disabled List, but Carolina is still above .500. Standout performances are coming from Erik Gonzalez and the pitching staff. Gonzalez, who was added to the 40-man roster this past winter, could be breaking out at the plate.


Lake County Captains (A-)


The Captains' rotation is young and talented, but have been hammered thus far. The Lake County defense certainly hasn't helped matters, as they've committed an astounding 54 errors in April (Dorssys Paulino has 12 of them).