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Tribe News & Notes 4/7/14: Headcase Edition

Just Masterson and Vinnie Pestano struggle within to try to get their seasons on track

Maybe he should stop wasting energy sprinting from the bullpen
Maybe he should stop wasting energy sprinting from the bullpen
Hannah Foslien

After a long and frustrating weekend - capped by a disappointing Wrestlemania - it's time for the Indians to get back on track. Hopefully, a series against the lowly Padres will do the trick. Here's your daily news roundup to keep you occupied in the meantime:

Indians news

Masterson needs to step up in Ubaldo, Kazmir's absence | - With what looks like a thin rotation early in the season, there's an even bigger onus on the "big dummy" Justin Masterson to step up. No one is harder on Masterson than himself, and he knows he's got to make some adjustments. But Masty stepping up to lead the Tribe back to the playoffs would be bittersweet, giving the team a chance to win it all while simultaneously driving himself further out of the team's price range.

Low game scores troubling for Masterson | It's Pronounced "Lajaway" - Masterson may pitch like an ace sometimes, but his game score has dropped below 40 in over 26% of his starts. IPL argues that's enough to justify not paying him.

Pestano "pitching for his life" | - With his velocity down even further this year, pitching coach Mickey Callaway thinks Vinnie Pestano may need to find another approach to getting batters out. Perhaps focusing more on location than "stuff" can help him work through his struggles, but Vinnie seems well aware of what's happening and is putting a lot of pressure on himself to improve. He knows he's fighting for his major league existence. What a headcase, am I right guys?

Rotation an early cause for concern | Did The Tribe Win Last Night - Masterson and Pestano aren't the only causes for concern early on. Corey Kluber, Zach McAllister, and Carlos Carrasco all struggled in the first starts. Two of those are surprising, but the implications for all three are mildly alarming.

Chisenhall earning more play time with hot hitting | - Lonnie Chisenhall has made the most of his limited playing time in the young season, and Terry Francona seems intent on rewarding him for his solid play. Good to see Lonnie finally making hay, but it will be interesting to see how his position is handled now that the Tribe seems heavily committed to Carlos Santana at 3B.

Bourn on the verge of his return | - Michael Bourn is on the cusp of coming back to the big leagues sporting a scraggly beard. Here's hoping he lives up to his contract, because Nyjer Morgan has been doing a decent job filling in for him.

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