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Jason Kipnis exits game in 4th inning with abdominal injury

This isn't what we needed...


Jason Kipnis exited Tuesday night's game in the 4th inning with an abdominal injury. Kipnis came up with no outs and a man on first base in the top of the inning, then grounded into a double play. I was surprised it wasn't a closer play at first base, but the replay showed quite clearly why Kipnis was slow to arrive, as he clutched his right side in obvious pain almost immediately upon leaving the batter's box. Kipnis was checked out by team doctors in the dugout and removed from the game, with Mike Aviles taking his place.

Kipnis entered play on Tuesday batting only .239, but that's due in part to a very low .257 BABIP (compared to a career figure of .312). Many of his other offensive numbers look good, including a career-high walk rate (15.3%) and a career-low strikeout rate (14.4%).

It is too early to know if Kipnis will require a stint on the DL or not. I'd guess he's at least out of the lineup on Wednesday, but he might be ready to go by Friday. If he is out of the lineup for an extended period of time, his absence will be a major blow to an already struggling lineup. Aviles would likely take over as the temporary starter, with Jose Ramirez (who is playing very well in Columbus) seeming like the most likely candidate to be called up from the farm.

More on this story as it develops.