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Tribe news & links (4/18/14): Lonnie Chisenhall earning more playing time

Lonnie! Lonnie! Lonnie!

Jason Miller

After a rainout, a nail-biter win, and a frustrating loss in Detroit, the Tribe heads up north to take on the Blue Jays. As a current resident of the Canadian west coast, I have even more reason than usual to cheer on the Tribe, because I'm told I'm supposed to hate Toronto. Anyway, here's what's going on in baseball:

Yesterday's game: Tigers 7, Indians 5
Other Tribe news

Chisenhall adjusts mentally to role off the bench | - After a 4-4 performance Thursday, let it not be said that Lonnie Chisenhall is mentally weak. He recognizes the importance of his hot start in securing his future on the team. Elsewhere in Bastian's notes, he discusses the positive effects of enhanced command on Zach McAllister's high fastball.

Swisher's struggles counter Chisenhall's gains | Zack Meisel's notes touch on Nick Swisher's current brutal slump, which stands in stark contrast to the Chiz Kid's hot start, which has gained Tito's trust.

Chisenhall more of an asset than he used to be | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - DTTWLN jumps on the Lonnie bandwagon as well, making note of his increased success to date.

Can the Tribe keep waiting for Danny to get his groove back? | - Danny Salazar has given up four homers in just 14 innings, and is walking people at an alarming rate. Terry Pluto thinks something is clearly wrong with him, and Trevor Bauer is chomping at the bit in AAA.

Tito's patience is a virtue | - Recalling Terry Francona's resolve during Jason Kipnis' horrible start in 2013, Bud Shaw sees hope for Nick Swisher and Carlos Santana despite their tough starts this year.

Series preview: Masterson opens against Toronto | - The big Jamaican takes the mound against those dirty canucks. Jays shortstop Jose Reyes is scheduled to return from the DL for Saturday's game, having healed his injured hamstring.

A walk down memory lane with Andre Thornton | It's Pronounced "Lajaway" - Thornton reminisces about Rocky Colavito and Frank Robinson, and his time with the abysmal 70's Indians.

Tidbits from around the league