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Cleveland Indians Minor League Update: April 16-22

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The weekly Tribe minor-league discussion/news/box score post.

Roberto Perez
Roberto Perez
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Previous Updates: April 3-8 April 9-15

Minor-League Rosters

Here are the four full-season rosters as they stand today. There are several prospects that haven't yet joined the roster (most notably Clint Frazier), so don't expect these to represent the full lineup of prospects until at least couple weeks into the season.

On these rosters there are highlights:

Prospects That Matter: Yellow

These players were selected based on a rating system that took into account their relative age, level, and performance, which was also adjusted by position and role (starter/reliever). You can read much about this here, here, and here.

Prospects of Interest: Orange

These are players who didn't meet PTM for one reason or another but in my (subjective) mind worthy of interest to the casual fan. For instance, players who didn't meet Plate Appearance of Innings thresholds weren't included in the PTM ratings, and PTM didn't count short-season results. So players like Kyle Crockett (not enough innings), Clint Frazier (short-season) and Francisco Mejia (short-season), while they aren't PTMs, are very much worth following.

This week I've added Roberto Perez to this category. I've been on the fence about whether to include him all spring, and finally decided that he's worth the average fan knowing about. Partly because he's now just one level from the majors, and partly because he's such a good defensive catcher. The problem is that his offensive game has lagged behind his defense (even though he's started 2014 on fire). But clubs are willing to overlook a catcher's offensive deficiencies if the defense is good, and I think that will be the case with Perez even if his bat doesn't develop.


I've added stats through the second week of play. Small sample size warnings apply.

Columbus Clippers (AAA)

Roster - Schedule - Scoreboard

Aguilar continued to hit, and was named the Indians' minor-league player of the week (Apr 4-13). Nyjer Morgan was optioned to Columbus on Tuesday, and will presumably play every day in center field.


Akron RubberDucks (AA)

Roster - Schedule - Scoreboard


Carolina Mudcats (A+)

Roster - Schedule - Scoreboard

Bad news from yesterday: both Dylan Baker (broken ankle) and LeVon Washington (strain quad) were placed on the Disabled List. Baker had thrown six perfect innings in his first Carolina League start, so this injury comes at a really bad time. Washington's injury continues a troubling trend, as he's been on the Disabled List more than the playing field since the Indians drafted him in 2009.


Lake County Captains (A-)

Roster - Schedule - Scoreboard


Video Highlights

4-14-2014: Roberto Perez hits a three-run homer