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Indians #1 prospect Francisco Lindor hits walk-off home run (with video)

Make your day at least three times better by watching this video.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians may have lost their third-straight game Friday night, but not all the news was bad that evening. One only had to travel to Akron to have their faith in humanity restored. I suspect traveling to Akron is something few of you often consider in your day-to-day life though, and so it is that few of you were at Canal Park to witness proceedings between the RubberDucks and the hated Baysox of Bowie, Maryland.

Having missed the game, you missed many notable happenings that should be of interest to Tribe fans:

- Joseph Colon allowed only 1 run in 6 innings.

- Webster the Duck danced to any number of modern pop music hits.

- Michael Bourn played 9 innings in perhaps his final rehab appearance (he is likely to be called up in time for Tuesday's series opener in Detroit)

- Jason Giambi made his first rehab appearance, striking out twice and drawing a walk. Perhaps this explains why the Indians have struggled in Chicago. Giambi's absence has left the Tribe adrift, but the wonders of his clubhouse presence are almost certainly to credit with the final play of last night's game...

- In the 13th inning, with the score tied at 1-1 and more than two and a half hours having passed since the last run had scored, the crowd had begun to wonder if the game would ever end. Webster had run out of dance moves and fired his final hot dog into the stands 3 innings prior. A hero was needed, a hero who might give fans a chance at making it home before midnight. That's when uber prospect (and hero to not-yet-born children throughout northern Ohio) Francisco Lindor stepped to the plate.

The video will take it from here:

(Someone tell those farmhands to be careful with their celebrating. If they break the future of the franchise with excessive back slaps and jumping around, they'll find themselves on the next bus to the Siberian League.)