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Let's Talk Tribe podcast, Ep. 19: A look at early-season happenings for the Indians

Jason and Ryan shoot the breeze on what's going on with the Tribe so far this season...

Jason Miller

My guest this week was Ryan, who hadn't been on with me since December. We started out with the bizarre "not a catch" that Elliot Johnson made Wednesday afternoon, which segued into a discussion on Trevor Bauer (who looked great), and how much rope Carlos Carrasco should have with the fifth spot in the rotation. From there we went to Justin Masterson before jumping to the position players and touching upon Carlos Santana, Lonnie Chisenhall, and what happens when Michael Bourn and Jason Giambi are ready to come back (one of us still thinks Lonnie could find himself in Columbus). Finally we talked about Francisco Lindor, because what would life be without a little Lindor?

This week's recording is ~34 minutes, for anyone trying to figure out whether it will last through their entire run, and/or can be crammed into a lunch break.

The audio is embedded below, and can also be found at Let's Go Tribe's Blog Talk Radio page, as well as at iTunes, where you can subscribe and listen at your leisure.

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