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Cleveland Indians Sunday News and Notes: March 9, 2014

In this week's extravaganza: Carlos Santana, Lonnie Chisenhall, Ryan Raburn, Francisco Lindor, and Luke Hochevar

Carlos Santana and Lonnie Chisenhall
Carlos Santana and Lonnie Chisenhall

Yesterday's Game

Outfielder Michael Brantley's four hits highlight Indians' tie with Padres | News

Indians Saturday Recap: Tribe and Padres play to thrilling 10-inning 4-4 tie - Let's Go Tribe

Michael Brantley tallies four hits, Carlos Santana makes an error as Indians, Padres finish in a 4-4 tie |

You hate to make judgment on a player just by one throw, but in the case of Carlos Santana's tryout at third, it might be that one throw has a major effect on how the final roster is configured. Santana becoming the starting third baseman was always going to be a long shot, with not only he having to prove in a very short time that he could play the position, but Santana's move would also have roster considerations. For instance. if Santana were to play third base every day, the Indians would have to have a true backup catcher on the roster. That would likely mean that Lonnie Chisenhall gets shipped back down to Columbus to make room for that backup catcher, and the Indians wouldn't have much of a bench. Tom Hamilton brought up a point that I hadn't thought of in yesterday's game: if you're entirely confident in Santana's play at third base, and you have a lead late in the game, you're probably going to replace him defensively. That probably takes Santana's bat out of the lineup, and limits any further moves.

So the question facing Terry Francona this spring boils down to this: do you have absolute confidence in Santana at third base? If yes, then he's your guy from the first inning to the ninth. If you're not sure, then I think the correct move is to have Lonnie Chisenhall be the everyday guy with Santana mainly at DH and backing up catcher. That would allow Santana to play occasionally at third (against a tough left-hander) while not limiting the bench options either. And don't forget about Chisenhall, who is only 25 years old. Maybe all this experimentation becomes moot if Lonnie has a breakout season.

Indians News

Indians Ryan Raburn might miss 2 days after collision with wall - Cleveland Indians - Ohio

It looks like Raburn's knee injury isn't serious, as he should be back in action early this week. Also noted in the article is that he'll be going back to his home in Florida later in the week for the delivery of his second child.

The DiaTribe: Lazy Sunday: Indians Prospects #5-1

Al concludes his in-depth look at the Tribe system with his top five prospects. Most of the players in the top five should be familiar to you, with the possible exception of Francisco Mejia, who made his US debut in 2013.

AL Central News

White Sox-Giants World Tour: March 7, 1914 - South Side Sox

100 years ago, the White Sox and Giants return home from the barnstorming tour to end all barnstorming tours.

Royals’ Luke Hochevar to have Tommy John surgery -

Last year Luke Hochevar transitioned to the bullpen, and became one of baseball's elite setup men. Now he'll miss the entire 2014 season, possibly ending his tenure with the Royals (as he's a free agent after the season).

In Latest Setback, Mystery Virus Causes All Twins Players Throwing Arms to Fall Off - Twinkie Town

There is no virus that causes throwing arms to fall off, but for Twins fans, it seems that there is.

Tigers sign left-handed pitcher Wil Ledezma - Bless You Boys

Everything old is new again.