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Game Thread: Indians @ Athletics - March 31, 2014

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Let's Go Tribe!


Cleveland Indians @ Oakland Athletics

Monday, March 31, 2014 (10:05 ET)



Starting pitchers: Justin Masterson (RH) vs. Sonny Gray (RH)

Starting Lineups:

Indians Athletics
Nyjer Morgan (CF) Coco Crisp (CF)
Nick Swisher (1B) Josh Donaldson (3B)
Jason Kipnis (2B) Jed Lowrie (SS)
Carlos Santana (3B) Brandon Moss (DH)
Michael Brantley (LF) Yoenis Cespedes (LF)
Ryan Raburn (DH) John Jaso (C)
Asdrubal Cabrera (SS) Josh Reddick (RF)
David Murphy (RF) Daric Barton (1B)
Yan Gomes (C) Eric Sogard (2B)

I've got to say, I don't love the Tribe lineup tonight. Seeing Raburn starting instead of Chisenhall is discouraging, in terms of what kind of playing time Lonnie seems likely to get. It also seems off that Gomes is batting ninth, but maybe he hasn't recovered from the celebratory bender he went on after signing his extension. Speaking of which:

Today's other AL Central games:

Tigers 4, Royals 3 (final)

White Sox 5, Twins 3 (final)

Today's Indians minor-league affiliate games:

Not yet!

We had a ton of other content today, much of which can be found below to pass the time while you wait for the game to begin, and in between innings. It's rained a fair amount in Oakland today, but the forecast is calling for a dry window in which the game can be played tonight. Hopefully Masterson works quickly, just to be safe!