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News and Notes for Wed March 26, 2014

huge news day for failed trades of last offseason

Jeff in his previous NL West stint.
Jeff in his previous NL West stint.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Twins traded RHP Vance Worley to the Pirates for cash. Just last offseason, Worley was traded for Ben Revere, in a trade that worked out for nobody. Revere did at least improve as 2013 went on, though.
  • Michael Pineda will be the Yankees number 5 starter this year. He, too was dealt last offseason; for Jesus Montero—in yet another trade that hasn't worked out for anybody yet.
  • (LGFT?) Jeff Francoeur signed with the Padres on a minor league deal.
  • (LGFT?) David Aardsma might sign with the Rays.
  • The Pirates had 29 hits yesterday in their 22-5 victory over the Blue Jays.
  • Here is MLB Daily Dish's release and opt-out tracker: Link
  • Bastian chimes in on the fifth starter race:
  • Let's hope this pans out...