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Tribe News & Notes 3/21/14: Masterson Extension a No-Go; Tomlin Likely #5?

Good news for people who like bad news about contract extensions and/or news about #5 starters.

Only you can bear the burden, Cowboy
Only you can bear the burden, Cowboy

With just ten days until Opening Day, I've been chomping at the bit for some real baseball action. This is not the news I wanted to hear. But either way, here are some other links that are hopefully a little less depressing:

Indians news

Indians break of contract talks with Masterson - By now, you've all probably seen Jason's post: An extension for Justin Masterson isn't going to happen. Obviously, this is a huge blow to the future of the Indians rotation. And boy oh boy is this gonna look bad to Joe Indians Fan, especially coming off of the 2013 playoff run. If the reports about the numbers are accurate, this is a huge black eye for the FO. I'm trying to remain optimistic, but this sends some really bad signals about possible extensions for other Tribe youngsters. It's also hard to hear this news without getting that awful rebuilding twinge. Sigh...

Little Cowboy deserves #5 spot | - Can he take the pain away? Terry Pluto argues in support of Josh Tomlin getting the #5 starter spot starting the season. He sees Carlos Carrasco as a better fit in the bullpen than as a starter. Not that one Spring Training game counts for much, but it's particularly salient in light of Carrasco's recent bed crapping, which "disappointed" Tito. From what Pluto writes, Tomlin seems to have Tito on his side, despite Carrasco's lack of options.

Tribe hopefuls bring Japanese experience to the table | - Scott Atchison, Brian LaHair, and Nyjer Morgan have at least two things in common: they're all hoping to stick around with the Indians this year, and they all have experience with Japanese pro baseball. Zack Meisel talks with Atchison and LaHair about the "rockstar" treatment foreign players get in Japan.

Jim Thome and "the greatest summer ever" | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - It's Jim Thome's turn for nostalgia as part of DTTWN's ongoing "Greatest Summer Ever" series documenting the 1995 season.

Swisher to Lofton: "Come at me, bro!" |'s Anthony Castrovince - It's not news, per se, but apparently Nick Swisher and Kenny Lofton got into it over the definition of making the playoffs.

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