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Indians recap: Francisco Lindor homers in 6-3 win

I have seen heard the future, and it looks glorious.

Rob Tringali

Clearly inspired by my posting a collection of photos showing him in an Indians uniform, top prospect Francisco Lindor (hitting lefty at the time) blasted a 3-run home to right field in the 7th inning of a 6-3 win over the Mariners. Because this afternoon's game was not televised, none of us got to see the play (unless you were among the 4,199 in attendance at Goodyear Field, in which case you should write an 800-word FanPost, describing the moment to the last detail), but I imagine it as a cross between the shot Roy Hobbs hit at Wrigley Field and a portrait by one of the 19th century European masters.

Excuse me, I need a drink of water...

Okay, so what else happened? Well Aaron Harang started the game for the Indians, his second appearance of the spring. He gave up a leadoff double, which led to a run, but he didn't issue any walks or allow any other hits in his two innings of work.

Trevor Bauer came in next. Bauer's first inning (the 3rd) was great. He struck out the leadoff man on three pitches, then got a weak infield fly ball on his first pitch to the next hitter and an easy grounder to end the inning. In the next frame he gave up a double though, and then with two outs, he gave up a long home run to Dustin Ackley that cleared the center-field wall with room to spare. Bauer's command was reportedly better than in his single inning of work on Wednesday, so if you want to see his glass as half full, there's that.

Bryan ShawNick HagadoneColt HynesPreston Guilmet, and Travis Banwart each pitched a scoreless inning after that; none of them allowed more than a single.

Carlos Santana made his second appearance at third base, but he didn't do anything to make you think he ought to be there regularly. He cleanly fielded the only ball hit his way, but then threw it over first baseman Nick Swisher's head. A small sample is all we're going to get from Carlos at third this spring, so every miscue will be magnified.

Speaking of Swisher, today was his 2014 Cactus League debut, after he sat out the first three games in order to work himself back up to speed more slowly. He went 0-3.

(You can find the full box score here)

If your favorite movie of 2013 doesn't win Best Picture tonight (and I hate to break it to you, but it probably won't), comfort yourself with the thought of Francisco Lindor rounding the bases in an Indians uniform.