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Wednesday, March 19, 2014 Indians News: ADAM MILLER RETURNS!!


Use of "Atom" Miller's twitter avatar was not allowed.
Use of "Atom" Miller's twitter avatar was not allowed.

Adam (AKA "Atom") Miller has re-joined the Indians
on a minor league deal. Miller was ranked by Baseball America as the #16 prospect in baseball in 2005, #47 prospect in 2006, #23 prospect in 2007, #29 prospect in 2008 and #82 prospect in 2009. He spent 2012 in the Yankee system, but thankfully he didn't pan out for them. He then spent 2013 with the Sugar Land Skeeters, of Scott Kazmir fame. Jordan Bastian says the 3-way race for the final spot in the Tribe rotation (between Carlos CarrascoJosh Tomlin, and Aaron Harangis a tough race to call, because all three of them have pitched well this spring.

If you believe Jon Heyman of CBS, the Indians have yet to respond to Justin Masterson's extremely friendly contract proposals. This is hard to believe, and raises a number of concerning questions. Whether it's fair to worry about such things remains to be seen; maybe the Indians just want to make sure he escapes spring training without an injury first.

Were the Indians named for Native American Louis Francis Sockalexis? You're probably familiar with at least the broad strokes of the story/myth, but Joe Posnanski goes way in depth on it, with more info than I'd ever seen or heard about it.

A bunch of minor leaguers were released yesterday. The list:

  • RHP Kyle Bellows
  • RHP Manuel Carmona (Ed. Note: and Manuel Hernandez)
  • LHP Carlos Diaz
  • LHP Harold Guerrero
  • RHP Bryce Stowell
  • RHP Jack Wagoner
  • RHP Thomas White
  • RHP Rob Whitenack

Less Important Things:

You're getting this one because I am for some reason a fan of his: Blue Jays closer Casey Janssen is working his way back from shoulder issues and will likely pitch in a game Friday.

Man did this guy mash the baseball in 2007 and 2008:

    I'd love to see him return to that kind of form in the NL, even though I'm no fan of pitchers batting.

    Finally, LGFT Hector Ambriz was picked up by the Padres. No, he's not a catcher. That part of the linked tweet was a mistake.