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Justin Masterson named Indians' Opening Day starter

Justin Masterson has been named the Indians' Opening Day starter for the third year in a row.

Masterson, in Toronto, 2013 opening day
Masterson, in Toronto, 2013 opening day
Tom Szczerbowski

Justin Masterson
was named the Indians' Opening Day starter for the third consecutive season. Last year, Masterson pitched 6 innings, giving up one run in a 4-1 victory over Toronto. Smith, Pestano and Perez each followed with a scoreless inning that day.

The Indians won yesterday, and that win included a homer by Lonnie Chisenhall (Lonnie! Lonnie! Lonnie!).

Paul Hoynes takes a look at the third base job that Lonnie is trying to win.

Jason Kipnis and the Indians are still discussing an extension. They'd better be!

Terry Francona states exactly what you'd expect a manager to cliche-ly say: The Indians won't ever bail on Trevor Bauer. I look forward Bauer facing the Los Angeles Angels of Orange County California in spring training of 2033.

Fangraphs surprisingly name-drops former Indians pitcher and current broadcaster Jensen Lewis in this piece about adding a new pitch. It's a pitcher's equivalent of being in the best shape of your life, apparently (which means it's not something we should get too worked up about).

Ervin Santana has agreed to a 1-year deal with the Braves for $14.1 million, which is exactly what the qualifying offer he turned down was for. He firms up a rotation that's been hit by injuries in the last few days.

Anthony Castrovince profiles Sonny Gray, the Oakland Athletics' young pitcher who was so impressive near the end of last season.