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The most popular comments of the month at Let's Go Tribe

No matter the color, this wouldn't be Soylent Green, because I'm capable of doing what Joel does with the comments, but I figured I pass along the most popular comments of the month anyway...

Jared Wickerham

One of my favorite posts every week during the season last year was Joel's Soylent Green, in which he went through the week's rec'd comments and picked out his favorites, using some of them to craft a narrative of sorts. (In case you're unfamiliar, here's an example.) I thought about flailing around in an attempt to put something like that together myself, but it wouldn't have turned out well, so I'm going to save myself the embarrassment.

I still wanted to highlight the comments found most rec-worthy in January though. (I realize it's already February 9th. Sue me.) I'd been keeping track of every post that received 10+ recs ever since some of you wondered what the most-rec'd comments of 2013 were, so what's presented below will be an objective countdown of the comments that received the most recs.

Posts from January (which there were 104 of) had a total of 32 comments that received 10+ recs, but only 18 different people combined to make those 32 comments:

cleveland teamer, Deebo Jones, Ellaybee, emd2k3, Gophermike, Gradyforpresident, Matt Y., mauichuck, Ockus_NYC, and Phil each made one of those comments.

APV, rolub, tgriffith1992, YoDaddyWags, and I each made two of those comments.

Brick made three of those comments.

Joel D made four of those comments.

USSChoo made five of those comments.

Those results make Choo, Joel, and Brick your commenting overlords for the time being.

Here are the comments that received 15+ recs:

#4(t) - 15 recs

Oddly enough, I actually was the governor when I took a vacation out to Cleveland. The game was on Friday and I got an email Wednesday saying they were looking. I thought it would be fun so I made some posters. The main one showed a picture of me in California and arrows traveling to Brohio (I actually cut the Brohio logo out from a picture online and glued it onto the map I was using over the actual state of Ohio).

I waited and waited and finally, Friday afternoon, I got an email saying that I had been chosen to be the "Governor". We (myself, my mom and my brother) were invited to attend batting practice before the game and actually got escorted down behind home plate to watch. Tito came over and said hi to all of us (there were some other people down on the field too). During the game, they put me on the jumbotron with my poster. Then, as the game ended, one of the reps. for the Tribe came out to the Brohio section and escorted my family and I down to the dugout to watch the post-game fireworks.

The whole Brohio thing is gimmicky as hell, but it was a lot of fun. Plus, this was my first actual game in Cleveland, so it was a special night for me. That was the night that Raburn cranked a 3-run walk off home run against the Rangers in the bottom of the 11th. Needless to say, it was the perfect first game for me and I will never forget it.

by tgriffith1992 on Jan 7, 2014 | 10:34 AM

I insisted tgriffith1992 write a full post after he passed that tidbit along, which he did.

#4(t) - 15 recs

most are, some look like old arguments we’ve had a million times.

by Brick. on Jan 28, 2014 | 3:39 PM

That one was from my post suggesting that Ubaldo's price had fallen to a point at which the Indians ought to re-sign him, a post that led to 426 comments, including 24 that turned green/blue, 5 of which received 10+ recs (all three of those figures are the highest of any post in January). Some of those comments referenced topics we've been over and over before, and Brick's comment was a well-timed joke about that in response to my asking if people's comments were working properly after a brief network issue.

#4(t) - 15 recs

Why should LGT be like the herd of other sites that are likely to switch to team colors? Long live green! Go to hell, subject line!

by cleveland teamer on Jan 29, 2014 | 1:53 PM

That was the most popular comment of the comment-color wars, but despite all the support for that line, green was unable to hold off blue.

#3 - 16 recs

Dear FO,

Pretend Kip is standing right outside this window


Tribe fans

by tgriffith1992 on Jan 26, 2014 | 7:27 PM

That one is pretty self-explanatory.

#2 - 22 recs

I think it should be Belle, Baerga, Lofton, and Murray hoisting Jason Grimsley into a ceiling.

by Ellaybee on Jan 31, 2014 | 4:17 PM

That came in a discussion about Jim Thome getting a statue, and whether or not it would be better to have a statue that featured a collection of players from the great Tribe teams of the 90s instead of choosing just one. I made a suggestion that received 7 recs, than Ellaybee blew it out of the water with that one.

#1 - 23 recs

Here I am. Stranded. Hitting well over .320, mashing the ball left and right but to no avail. 2 for 4 with a walk and run scored. I’m doing my part. Where had it gone wrong? Rag in hand, I methodically wipe down my car. A beauty. The only thing that isn’t failing around me. The sound of my own thoughts reverberate in my head, drowning out the noise of the night. I see nothing but my own reflection in the car, illuminated by the twinkling of the overhead lights. I complete my task and slam the trunk. The thud echoes in my ear like a clanging gong. I begin to drive off as the noise of the night becomes clear. A father shouts at me. I can see him now in my rear view mirror but it’s too late. It’s all too late. The Big Hurt, indeed.

That was one of the first comments under my post about the encounter that led me to hate Frank Thomas. Choo imagined what might have been going through Thomas' head as he cleaned his car that night.

A quite deserving Comment of the Month Award winner.