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Let's Go Tribe player-projection contest

Here's the lowdown on a contest to see who among us can do the best job of predicting the production of key members of the team in 2014...

This is not a picture I would've predicted I'd ever use at LGT                    PHOTO CREDIT
This is not a picture I would've predicted I'd ever use at LGT PHOTO CREDIT
Quinn Rooney

Last spring we ran a series of posts in which readers were invited to predict the 2013 production of key members of the Tribe. It was a lot of fun, but we never really followed up on it. This year, we're again going to give you all the chance to show how smart you are (or aren't), and this time we'll follow up on it too.

Beginning soon, once a day we'll have a post up about a different player. It will serve as brief recap and reminder of how that guy did last year, as well as a look ahead to what his role might be in 2014, and what kind of numbers he might put up. We'll include projections from some of the most prominent sources.

For starting pitchers you'll be asked to predict: innings, wins (they're silly, but so is this contest), ERA, WHIP, K/9, and BB/9. There will be a couple relievers featured, and we'll swap out wins with saves for them.

For position players you'll be asked to predict: plate appearances, HR, SB, batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage (again, a balance between counting figures and rate stats). We've got links to a site that can help you calculate those rate stats, if you prefer to be more scientific than just tossing out a number that seems reasonable to you.

There will be an additional post or two to cover some predictions for expected backups, potential call ups, etc.

The comments on all of these posts will remain open until Opening Day, at which point everything will be moved into a giant spreadsheet (ooh, fancy!).

At the end of the season, a reasonable method will be used to determine whose predictions were best. The contest will favor contestants who make predictions on all of the players, so there will be an easy-to-find link on the front page that to help you track down all of the players/posts, in case you miss a couple along the way.

Pitchers and position players will be two separate contests, and the winner of each will receive a free Let's Go Tribe t-shirt in the color of their choice (navy, red, gray, or white). Of equal (if not greater) importance, the winners will also get bragging rights over the rest of us, along with the official title of "Prediction Wizard of Let's Go Tribe" for one year.

Wouldn't that look nice on your resume?!