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Registration deadline for cheapest Indians tickets nearing

A look at how you can get tickets for the lowest prices they'll be at all year...

Jared Wickerham

The Indians will be using dynamic pricing for ticket sales in 2014, which means prices will be different for different games, and will change throughout the year. They've also set the system up in a way that means tickets will never be cheaper than they are when they're put on sale next week, and the deadline to register for those prices is this week.

Fans can register here until noon on Friday, February 28 to be eligible for the initial initial single-game ticket sale which will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, March 3. Fans who register will be emailed a password that is needed in order to purchase tickets during that initial sale, which will include the cheapest prices of the season.

Zack Meisel of the recently spoke with Andrew Miller (Indians senior vice president for strategy and business analytics) about dynamic pricing (that interview can be found here). Miller explains the logic behind the system from the front office's point of view, and describes what they see as the advantage for fans.

What's not mentioned (but is an entirely understandable business move, in my opinion) is that the team wants fans locked into games well ahead of time, because that ensures revenue even if the weather turns out to be crummy, or the team falls out of contention early, etc.

There's an argument that teams should drop ticket prices on the day of the game, because selling a ticket for $15 is better than not selling it at all, but if fans know you have that sort of policy, it discourages them from paying higher prices for tickets ahead of time. I'm sure the team has done its research, and found that the current setup is the best way to maximize revenues.