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Indians news and links 2/12: Updates on Ubaldo Jimenez and Carlos Santana

Indians spring training is here! ...But it looks like Ubaldo will not be a part of it.

This is Tyler Naquin in an Indians uniform—something I did not expect to find in the photo database.
This is Tyler Naquin in an Indians uniform—something I did not expect to find in the photo database.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Indians News and Notes
  • David Laurila at FanGraphs did a nice Q&A with Tribe prospect Tyler Naquin. This draft pick could end up being a lot better than it looked a year or so ago. It's hard to believe that Naquin never had a hitting instructor until recently.
  • Also at FanGraphs: Projections for the Indians' top prospects, were they to play for the team in 2014. Francisco Lindor already projects as being close to league average because of his glove, but no one's bat looks ready, and the potential pitching reinforcements don't appear likely to help this year.
  • At Paul Hoynes catches up a bit with Carlos Santana, who talks about his preparations for taking a shot at third base, and how being moved out from the catching job affected him last year.
  • Also from Mr. Hoynes, the chances of Ubaldo Jimenez re-signing are "dwindling." I can't imagine those chances were ever very good to begin with though.
  • This is pretty interesting because of conversations we've had here about how the Indians gather press clippings on players (it works best if you read from the bottom up):
    (plus, that's a nice joke by Castro)
  • Also from Twitter: After years of avoiding it, the Indians will be headed to arbitration again:
Non-Indians News and Notes
  • Roy Oswalt is retiring.  He had a 3.36 ERA and 127 ERA+ over 13 MLB seasons.
  • Stephen Drew is still a free agent. And the Mets might be interested. His winter has been a perfect example of why you can't let your agent (in this case, Mr. Boras) do all your thinking for you.
  • Also, Jason is bringing the podcast back later this morning, with one of his favorite writers as this week's guest.