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Is the Brandon Moss trade a good one for the Indians?

If only my students' reading assessments were this easy to score...

Elsa/Getty Images

I have report card grades to turn in tomorrow, and so I've spent much of the last week looking at reading assessments, social studies quizzes, science observation logs, and the like. I wouldn't have thought I wanted to hand out any grades, but baseball is a little more fun than the Common Core standards, and with this being quite possibly the biggest move the Indians make this offseason, I'm happy to take my red pen out. (Actually, I use a green pen, because red pen's supposedly freak some kids out... Does this mean that someday green pens will freak some kids out???)

I already weighed in on the trade though

...It's your turn now. No, not you, no one cares what you think... I meant the rest of you.

...Oh alright, you can weigh in too.

In determining what grade you're handing out, you might consider Moss' expected production and cost, his health status, what was given up to get him, and what this move might mean for the rest of the offseason. (Those Justin Upton rumors probably don't have much in the way of legs to stand on at this point.)

After voting in the poll, feel free to elaborate in the comments.