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Indians trading for Brandon Moss, would it be a good thing?

Plus, will Buster Olney's stand against HOF voting make any difference?

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The hot stove is heating up as rumors of the Indians trade activity abound. Last offseason was pretty quiet, but the Tribe might be on the verge of making a major move. Here's a taste of what's going on in Tribeland and beyond:

Indians news & notes

Moss pickup would be a move to celebrate | Indians Baseball Insider - IBI's Jeff Ellis lends his take on the Brandon Moss rumors, arguing that Moss' solid power potential would be worth it despite the negative perception caused by his low average.

Is Moss a cheaper Swisher? | Burning River Baseball - Brandon Moss is pretty darn close to the player the Indians hoped Nick Swisher would be when they signed Swish to that albatross of a contract. He'd be a great deal cheaper, though.

Moss the kind of player that drives you nuts | It's Pronounced 'Lajaway' - IPL's Stephanie Liscio provides an opposing opinion, arguing that Moss' track record isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Is Santana Cleveland's best Twitter account? | Waiting For Next Year - I'm not a huge Twitter-er, so I might be a bit behind here, but Carlos Santana has a pretty good sense of humor based on his tweetfolio.

Top 10 worst Indians tragedies | Burning River Baseball - A sobering look at some of the saddest events to effect the Indians throughout franchise history.

News from around MLB

Buster Olney abstaining from HOF voting | Hardball Talk - Buster thinks the voting process is so broken, particularly in regard to PED-era players, that voting could actually hurt the players he wants to see inducted.

Ten bold Winter Meetings predictions | Sports On Earth - Anthony Castrovince takes a stab at which free agents end up where, and hopes to watch a dude fall into a fountain.

Belated thoughts on the Donaldson deal | Fangraphs - On the surface, it looks like Billy Beane got the short end of the stick. But what does the deal look like underneath the surface?

Who's winning the offseason so far? | Sports On Earth - A ranking of the best and worst teams in terms of net WAR of their acquisitions.

Lester decision not expected before Winter Meetings | Hardball Talk - There are four main contenders in on free agent lefty Jon Lester, with the Cubs believed to be the current high bidder.