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The Final News and Notes of 2014 wouldn't be complete without a little Brett Myers

By a show of hands, who expected Brett Myers to surface today?

Callaway didn't have THAT much magic (bonus track)
Callaway didn't have THAT much magic (bonus track)
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

• ICYMI, Asdrubal Cabrera headed to the Tampa Bay Rays on a 1-year, $8 million dollar deal. I actually think the argument can be made that this contract would have made sense for the Indians to give him. I'd lean towards not giving him that, but it does make a little sense. Note that I wouldn't put him anywhere near shortstop or second base. Here's Jeff Sullivan on the signing.

• Brett Myers released an EP at some point recently. I'll let you listen to it for me, as Anthony Castrovince's review doesn't make me anxious to hear it.

• Myers is lucky I wasn't asked for a track list, because this is what it'd look like:

Just Gave Up Another Homer
Too Much Guaranteed Money
[redacted by author, who doesn't want to go there]
I Wanna Start Now
Ode To Ruben Amaro
Ode To Ed Wade
Ode To Shapanetti
21 Innings, 10 Home Runs
Starting Isn't For Me

• Seth Smith was traded to the Mariners:

Here's Sullivan on that one.

• The Indians announced the addition of Jeff Manship and Audy Ciriaco on minor league contracts.