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Michael Brantley and his father share a close bond

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

• Michael Brantley's bond with his father continues to help him on the field. We're only a couple weeks away from Michael's version of spring training! Let's hope all the work he puts in leads to an even better ranking in next year's MVP race.

• The Twins have reunited with Torii Hunter on a one-year contract for $10.5 million(!).

• The Rockies are trying to trade Wilin Rosario. He is a catcher, but a poor defensive one. The Rockies thought about putting him in RF, which is something that we might consider as well. He runs well and has a good arm. A couple troll-y tweeters pointed out that he's too "fat" to play the outfield; to which I reply: Mike Aviles is 5 pounds heaver and one inch shorter.

DRaysBay writes glowingly of Kevin Cash. I really hope he remains with the Indians in 2015.

• Yesterday, it was reported that the Angels were likely to non-tender Gordon Beckham. That did in fact happen.

• Everth Cabrera was non-tendered by the Padres.

• Those two, along with Alexi Ogando, Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy are Chris Cotillo's picks for most noteworthy non-tenders.

• If you're looking to kill some time today, this article titled "Searching for Under-Used Breaking Pitches with PITCHf/x" is for you.

• And if you ever wondered what happens when you pitch in Texas, this one is for you.

• And here's a great article on umpire Dale Scott. The reason it was written, though, is that he came out as gay in Referee magazine.