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A Christmas poem for Indians fans...

Merry December 25, everybody!

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

Last season I rewrote "A Visit From St. Nicholas" (better known as "The Night Before Christmas") to give it an Indians flavor, with Nick Swisher at the center. Swish's 2014 didn't really inspire the kind of poetry you share on a joyous occasion though, so I decided that this year I wouldn't worry about making my Christmas post fit the tune of a holiday standard.

(If we're lucky, YDW will drop something more artful into the comments.)

More holiday cheer from Let's Go Tribe


The Indians fell a bit short of the playoffs

And so we keep waiting for our World Series dream.

But a winning record in back-to-back seasons

Is nothing to scoff at for a small market team.


For me the best thing about this year's edition

Was the sudden presence of a pitching machine.

Kluber won the Cy Young, and adding to our fortune:

He's under team control through twenty eighteen!


There was more than just him to the starting rotation

Though til late July things did not look too bright.

But late in the season a young wave of arms

Crashed the shores of the AL, a pitching delight.


The bullpen this year set a new baseball record

By appearing more times than a 'pen ever had

Cody Allen took over and served to remind us

A tight game in the 9th does not have to be sad


If you're looking to cry, you could eyeball the defense

Which day after day would make error upon error.

All shapes and sizes, so many to choose from

My personal favorite? The throw to nowhere.


The offense was led by the smooth Michael Brantley

Who this year completed a bold transformation.

He once was a thrown in, then a bit above average

Now he rates among the best in the nation.


Yan Gomes continued to make a strong case

That of AL catchers he's best of them all.

And now the front office up north in Toronto

refuses to take Chris Antonetti's calls.


Carlos Santana bounced back from a slow start

He's one of the best hitters under the sun.

He also turned into a solid first baseman

But does being awesome hit 30 home runs?


Winter has already brought two new players

Who'll join in the running of the Central race.

Brandon Moss'  bat and the right arm of Floyd

Should help in the Tribe's quest to reclaim first place.


In Francisco Lindor we soon should be seeing

A tremendous talent we've waited to cheer.

And on that thought of a beautiful future:

Merry Christmas to all and a happy New Year!