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AL Central shaping up to be one of MLB's best divisions in 2015

Plus more on the Padres' quest for complete roster turnover

This guy is at the top of the heap of the AL Central's best rotation
This guy is at the top of the heap of the AL Central's best rotation
Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Only a few more days left to buy your favorite Tribe fan that autographed Jason Grimsley corked bat. As soon as you've got that taken care of, why note check out these nifty links:

Indians news & notes

Comfort essential to Kluber's winter program | - The highest priority for Mickey Callaway and his coaching staff this offseason is making sure that Corey Kluber doesn't succumb to the increased workload he undertook in 2014.

Offseason brings minor league managerial changes | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - The organization has parted ways with longtime Mahoning Valley manager Ted Kubiak, and that means at least a minor shakeup is in order for the minor league coaching staffs. Does the artist formerly known as Pronk have a place in all this?

Indians announce instructions for 2015 single-season tickets | - Is it just me, or is it kind of strange that they even need to provide instructions beyond "go to website, buy tickets?" I'll never understand this modern age.

AL Central news

AL Central looking like a powerhouse division | - Typically one of the most boring and predictable divisions in baseball, a flurry of moves at and around the Winter Meetings thrusted the ALC back into relevance. And perhaps back into a parity not based on mutual suckiness.

Ranking the AL Central starting rotations | Indians Baseball Insider- Further beating the "AL Central could be awesome" drum, IBI takes a crack at ranking the starting rotations of all five teams. You know it's a tough division when the team with the reigning Cy Young doesn't even have the best rotation.

Tidbits from the rest of MLB